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Smart Electricals and Technology

The emergence of Smart Electricals has enabled greater efficiencies and performance in the business world. We regularly help to integrate Smart Technology into our customers’ premises so they can function more effectively with their employees and communicate better with their clients.adaptIT is a computer technology company but we do also employ electricians, in fact our founder is an electrician with a keen interest in the integration of the two technologies.

We do not seek raw electrical contract work, but we do undertake electrical work in the form of smart technology or entire commercial fit outs, such as office/yard wiring, dado trunking, energy saving lighting and computer network cabling. We have fitted out many smart homes, smart offices and hotels; adaptIT are truly a one stop shop for electrical, security, software and computer technologies.

Our experienced team of IT technicians can rewire your office premises with CAT-6 network cabling and then install any of the following Smart Technologies:

BullseyeOrange Energy-saving lighting with proximity detection

BullseyeOrange Smart Boardrooms and Meetings Rooms

BullseyeOrange Smart Conferencing

BullseyeOrangeWireless PA and Speaker Systems

BullseyeOrangeOffice and hospitality wifi

BullseyeOrangeLight Symphony (Outdoor smart lighting)

BullseyeOrangeWall mounted TV`s for KPI displays

BullseyeOrangeSecurity systems


Contact us now to see what Smart Technology improvements we can bring to your business.

Smart Technology for Businesses in Hertfordshire

Our Smart Electricals Expertise

We have over 25 years of experience with technology installation across business and residential properties with an unparalleled level of knowledge. This expertise means we are in the perfect position to recommend the best systems, source them at extremely competitive prices and install them to the highest quality standards. Once we have finished, your business will be transformed and your life made easier.

We have extensive knowledge in all areas so we can create the ultimate smart office for you. We also have close partner relationships with some of the world’s leading automation companies to ensure we get you the best technology available. Our systems include:

BullseyeOrange Smart Alarm Systems

BullseyeOrange Wireless Lighting & Light Symphony Systems

BullseyeOrange Smart TV & Home Cinema Installation

BullseyeOrange Smart Audio Systems / Multi-Room Music

BullseyeOrange HDMI Distribution

BullseyeOrange Remote Heating Control

BullseyeOrange Multiple site monitoring systems

BullseyeOrange Door entry and access control

BullseyeOrange PIR`s with built in camera

BullseyeOrangeFacial recognition and line crossing cameras

Wireless Alarm Systems

Jablotron Alarms

Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV

Wireless Lighting Systems

Wireless Lighting System

Home Cinema Systems

Home Cinema Systems

Wireless Audio Systems 

Wireless Audio Systems

Wireless Heating Control

Wireless Heating Control Systems for Business Premises