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IT Support Service in Hoddesdon

AdaptIT is your local IT support services company based on Pindar Road in Hoddesdon. Our service technicians and support team are skilled in both software, IT infrastructure, and customer service. We are here to support your business so you can focus on running it.

We have a 100% customer retention rate over the past 5 years which is testament to our excellent level of service and reliability. We act as an extension to your business and are available to support and fix issues before they arise.

Struggling to keep your systems online? Let us support you so you can focus on your business.

We believe in providing all our customers with the highest level of support. That is why we only offer Platinum-level IT support to businesses in the Hoddesdon area.

Our expert support technicians work tirelessly to provide a personal support service for your business so we can understand your business and prevent issues before they happen.

We see ourselves as an extension of operate as your IT department.

Starting from just £5000 per year, our platinum support package is affordable and scalable with your business. The package covers:

Unlimited remote support

 Off-site back-ups

 Managed Firewall

 Malware & Antivirus protection

 99.5% accurate spam filtering

 Speak instantly with support guys (Girls too)

 Unlimited site visits

Business IT Support North London, Enfield & Hertfordshire
Network & IT Support Team

Your business will reap many benefits including:

BullseyeOrange Reduced outlay in IT infrastructure (We will maintain all servers and systems)

BullseyeOrange Time savings (We can fix problems using remote access)

BullseyeOrange Reduced personnel overheads (No need for an internal IT department)

BullseyeOrange Cost savings when purchasing equipment (We receive bulk discounts)

BullseyeOrange No need to maintain IT staff training or qualifications (We are fully qualified)

BullseyeOrange Support staff that KNOW YOU (Close team that work together).

BullseyeOrange Peace of mind with our proven expertise (Over 25 years experience)

BullseyeOrange Direct access to adaptIT CEO / Founder (He visits customers everyday)

BullseyeOrange Software, hardware, CCTV, security, cabling & support (Single supplier for multiple services)

Our customer retention rate is 100%

Our 100% commitment to providing you with a responsive and expert service ensures that when it comes to your IT needs – you will want for nothing. Our expert team is on hand for dedicated 24 hour support, guaranteeing that you have our expertise and experience whenever you need it.

Personalised Business IT Support Hertfordshire
Business IT & Software Development Company

FREE Expert Advice

adaptIT delivers a full IT consultancy service for our clients advising on computer networks, server installation, email hosting and internet providers to name just a few. We use the latest industry knowledge to help you make an informed decision and then support you in whatever decision you make. We will help you calculate the risk based on our own experiences and whether you have a peer to peer, active directory or a multiple branch office network; adaptIT will make it the best it can be for the budget you choose.

FREE IT Support Advice
Business IT Advice

IT Support Services we offer

Our expertise covers a whole range of area for every size of business. We keep your systems operating smoothly so you can focus your energy on running your business. Some of the IT areas we support are:

  • Remote monitoring with alert systems
  • 100% outsourced IT support
  • Network design consultancy
  • Domain names & cloud email
  • Bespoke software development
  • Database build & support
  • Mobile app development
  • Hardware based unified threat management
  • Intrusion detection & prevention (IPS/IDS)
  • Firewall, anti-virus, malware & spam filtering
  • Wireless security
  • SSL certificates
  • Load balancing & usage logging
  • User logging and website filtering
  • 2003 to 2012 & Small Business Servers
  • Exchange, database & web servers
  • File, print & virtual servers
  • On-site & off-site backup
  • Replication & high availability
  • Datacentre hosting/rack space
  • Data archiving & retention
  • Diagnose & repair service
  • Upgrade, supply & installation
  • Domain & network configuration
  • Software installation & updates
  • Pick-up & drop-off service
  • HDD to SDD migration
  • Data recovery & backup
  • Real time call stats & costs breakdown
  • Take your BT /Virgin numbers with you
  • New numbers instantly
  • Virtual attendants
  • Voicemail to email
  • Email to fax/fax to email
  • Desktop & Laptop support
  • Sold state hard drives
  • Sever Support
  • Data loss protection
  • End point security
  • Data Encryption
  • Tablets & Smartphones
  • Laser & Gel printers
  • Router setup, wifi setup
  • Dual wan/load balancing
  • Best ISP recommendation
  • Dongles & tethering
  • Hotel wifi design & Installation
  • IOS & Android
  • Remote tracking & wiping
  • Mobile device security
  • Electronic forms
  • Bespoke app development (below)
  • Gas & Electrical service industry

We also offer Network IT Support

Fewer Problems, Faster Recovery

In many ways your computer network is the hub of your business, connecting all the vital components of your organisation together and facilitating the smooth sharing of resources, ideas and information. A break in your network is a break in the flow of information in your business and a snag you don’t need.

24-hour support is synonymous with a good IT Network support. We know it is vital for your business that your network runs at optimum efficiency and without interruption, which is why our dedicated adaptIT team are always on hand to make sure your network is safe, unfailing and managed in the right way to improve performance.

Fast, Friendly IT Support

Our Platinum Network Support package gives you round-the-clock 24-hour assistance as well as:


We have over 25 years expertise in IT network installations. If you are planning to move into a new premises or you are a brand new business, we can help you design, build and launch a complete network system that will support and future-proof your business. Our skilled technicians can project manage the entire process, from start to finish, so you have a smooth launch without any disruptions.


Moving your network to a new platform is a daunting task and it certainly exposes potential risks. As seasoned professionals, we have proven migration plans and procedures in place to ensure a rapid, smooth and efficient transition. We can manage the migration of the follow systems:

– Windows xp to 7, 8 or 10

– Windows 2003 to 2008

– Windows 2008 to 2012

–  Windows NT to 2008

–  Linux and Netware to Windows


Our telephone helpdesk is located at our Hoddesdon office and the lines are open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays. Mobile numbers are provided for early starters or late finishers and a call out rota is provided to clients who specifically need 24-hour cover. Our founder and the font of all IT knowledge is never far away from the team, as are our in-house software developers; excelling in various languages such as php, java and C.

Contact us now to find out more about our Helpdesk Support services.


Once your network is launched you need the best support to maintain it. If you have an existing network you need to be confident that you are in safe hands and that any potential issues are identified and averted. We continually monitor, stress test and troubleshoot our customers’ networks to ensure they function at maximum efficiency. If we spot an opportunity to improve your network speed or security we will let you know immediately.


With all the potential risks out there it is vital we keep ourselves up-to-speed with the latest developments. Our leading technicians have security at the top of their agenda. We regularly audit our customer IT networks to identify improvements that can be made. Likewise, we will audit your existing network and make recommendations to improve your infrastructure, enhancing your IT security to ensure your data continues to be safe from theft and harm.


Sometimes things can happen that are out of our control such as fire and flooding. Therefore, it is imperative to have a recovery plan in place to ensure your systems are loaded into a new environment, quickly restored and in full working order.

Contact us now to find out more about backup and recovery services.

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